MLK’s Legacy and its Impact on Black and Latin@ Unity

The Williams College Black Student Union (BSU) and Vista (Latin@ Student Organization) are currently working together to create greater solidarity between the two groups on this campus. Our hopes are that we can spread solidarity to other campuses in the New England area, and to our communities in our respective hometowns. In an effort to create awareness, I am making a personal vow to blog everyday about the intersectionality between Black and Latin@ communities. We are two distinct groups, but overwhelmingly our struggles are the same. On this MLK, we should aim for unity instead of contributing to divisive practices.

MLK once said in his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” that we should not follow unjust laws and systems that place our fellow brothers and sisters at a disadvantage. An unjust system that currently plagues Latin@ communities across this country is the US policy on immigration. Although Blacks may not fall victim to the same form of racial profiling that notoriously associated with immigration agencies, Blacks themselves are not free from the evils known as unjust racial profiling. Together as two communities, we can work to combat the racism that affects the lives of so many families in this country. We may not be able to correct each injustice at the same time, but we can make a change,

The post below explains the relationship between Civil Rights, Immigration, and MLK. Enjoy!

MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”

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