Support for Red Tails, but What About Pariah?

This past month, two great films were released : Pariah and Red Tails. Both films star a majority Black cast, but only one of the films has received big attention. The director of the film Red Tails, George Lucas, financed the film with his own money. He stated that Hollywood would not finance the film because of its “all black cast.” To get viewer support, many have suggested that Black movie lovers support the film because of the all black cast. Wait…support the movie because of the Black cast? Not support the film because of the good plot, good actors, and potentially good message? I have mixed feelings on the propaganda being used to promote the film. I understand the issues surrounding minority actors in Hollywood. I understand the history surrounding the limiting roles that minority actors often get. I understand the issues and I am able to sympathize. However, if we’re in the business of supporting films solely because of the race of the cast, then why are we not showing the same amount of love for the film Pariah?

The film Pariah also delivers a heart-warming story that is sure to be interesting to viewers across the country. The film also explores the relationships between race, family, and sexuality. Although I have not read any articles about potential hindering factors for the film, I suspect the taboo subject of Black queers may be part of the problem.

Additionally, it is problematic that the film has not been promoted and supported in a similar fashion to the Red Tails promotion. Unlike others, I urge everyone to see both films. Red Tails is a gripping story that explores the events of World War II from an often ignored perspective. Pariah is an emotional story about a teenage who struggles to balance her race and sexuality in a conservative household. Both films have something to offer audiences everywhere. Give them both a chance. I know I will. For more information on the two films, read below:

One response to “Support for Red Tails, but What About Pariah?

  1. I’ll agree that black sexuality is still taboo and that may be a contributing factor to the little support Pariah has been shown, but I think that beyond that Red Tails is a George Lucas film–the man brought us Star Wars. Without a doubt he already has a following; people are going to want to see what his movie is all about. I think the film may appeal to black audiences who support black actors, and also to those who want to see whether or Lucas’ version of a Black film does the Black community any justice. (Granted, in theory there is no singular black community to do any justice for, but we can save that for another post) Do we even consider this a Black film? Let’s not forget the fact that this man has $58M in the bank to throw into his personal project! In my opinion, at the end of the day Red Tails is still a Hollywood film, it’s going to get Hollywood support.

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