State of the Union 2012

Hello all! Today, January 24, 2012 is the fourth annual State of the Union address from President Obama. The State of the Union address is a critical moment that all Presidents use as a platform for reflection and reassurance. Tonight, President Obama will more than likely reflect upon his time in office, his accomplishments, and his downfalls. I could go on about this subject, but the important thing to take away from this post is the relevancy of this annual address. A decent amount of young people are politically apathetic and have  limited knowledge about past and/or current policy. This is not to say that this issue is not relevant for other age groups. It certainly is something that every age group struggles with; the ability to be fully informed and aware. However, instead of pointing out the shortfalls of groups in this nation, the speech by Obama tonight will hopefully be a learning experience. Click the link below for information about tonight’s speech:

For those who want to refresh their memory, down below is the State of the Union transcript and video from 2011. Enjoy!

State of the Union 2011 video

State of the Union 2011 text:

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