Inspired to Reflect: Poetry Edition

Lately, I’ve come across some interesting and inspiring poetic pieces. These pieces have forced me to reflect upon the language that I use/hear on a daily basis. For instance, I unapologetically listen to rap music. I even nod my head frantically to the lyrics of Waka Flocka on a daily basis (Im a big Waka Flocka Fan. I have every mixtape on my computer). Moving on, I’m aware of negative messages in various songs, but I’m not the one to critically assess the consequences of such language in music or television or movies, on a consistent basis. If I actually do, I’m not exactly sure what the take away message is for myself. I’m not into the business of critically engaging/reviewing various art-forms because it would require me to criticize individuals for their work. This is problematic for because I do not value individuals as representatives for entire groups. However, I do realize that popular images often feed into stereotypes and stereotypes often become descriptive pieces for individuals and groups, whether they be positive or negative. So while individuals may not sign up to be role models, it comes with the territory.

Thats why after listening to the Jasmine Man piece, I decided that maybe its time for me to reflect on how language operates in my life. What do you guys think? Are there any books, articles, videos, etc that have really forced you to reflect on something like language or music in your life? (Note, this is not the first time I’ve had to do some major reflecting. I often reflect while listening to Waka Flocka and reading for my classes. Today, these videos were a different venue that I really enjoyed. )

There are certainly more out there, but here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Kai Davis:

Jasmine Man:

Joshua Bennett:

Sonya Renee:

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