Song of the Day: All Black Everything-Lupe Fiasco

When Lupe Fiasco dropped his most recent album, Lasers, I must admit I was not as impressed as I would have like to have been. However, I did like this song, “All Black Everything,” a lot. There were a number of names and terms thrown around that I had heard recently in a lot of my classes, so I felt very intelligent.

However, I got into a debate with a friend of mine who just wasn’t feeling it. She contended that song was too inaccurate for her to take it seriously, specifically Lupe’s assertion in the hook that, were it not for imperialism, slavery wouldn’t have existed in Africa. She pointed out to me that slavery had existed everywhere, including Africa, prior to European imperialism and the Triangular Slave Trade. These were all point I couldn’t deny, but I still loved the song.

Personally, I felt that Lupe was playing off of cultural norms, stereotypes and expectations, while also trying to describe his idealized world.  So I post this song and ask this question. What does your dream world look like?

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