Less Than 1 Week Until First Presidential Debate

This is Don coming back at my “U” family. We are still a few weeks away from election day, however, more immediately, we have the first presidential debates less than a week away. If you want to join me, and other members of the BSU, there will be a viewing session at Rice House at 9 hosted by yours truly. However, on to the news of the week in review. Several articles have been addressing what we should know as the particularly important “swing” states, being Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio specifically. What is the importance of these handful of states? Well, just between Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania combined, these three states account for nearly a quarter of the electoral college votes necessary to win the White House. To underline this even more, CNN reports that in “modern times”, no Republican candidate has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio.  Then what is the current state of the swing states, and Ohio particularly? According to polls, President Obama currently holds a lead in each of these four swing states, with a 53%-43% lead with those likely to vote over opponent Mitt Romney. Given its importance, each candidate has spent several  days in Ohio in the lead-up to next week’s debates.

The topics of interest for these campaign stops, particularly on Wednesday the 26th, were China, taxes and jobs. In terms of China, each candidate has proposed a hard stance on China’s trade practices. The divergence is that GOP candidate Romney has accused current President Obama of not being tough enough and that he would label them as “currency manipulators”. President Obama has retorted that GOP candidate’s past practices have been lax in comparison to the stance he is portraying presently. Then of course, there is the issue of taxes and the economy.  Following an article from CNN, the short view of their two stances are that Romney would follow a “trickle-down” approach to economics, while Obama champions a position which values keeping taxes low for the low and middle class to grow the economy from the middle out.

It would be interesting to see each candidate expand more on their views as each of these is a very vague description. Perhaps issues of taxes and economics will take central stage next week during the political debates, giving us an opportunity to see them address each other directly for the first time in a while. I do hope that you all find the time to watch the debates, and if not I will do my best to recap the main points this time next week. As always, if there is more specific information that you would personally like to know about, let me know and I will search it down for you. As always, just trying to be an instrument of knowledge and information.

One Love,

Don S. Polite Jr.

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