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BSU and Rice House Organizational and Institutional Memory

The 2012-13 BSU Board would like to analyze Rice House to obtain a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of how this space factors into present students’ experiences and past alum experience here at Williams. Among these will be how the space was used, what it meant and what perhaps was missing from Rice that you wish future students had or think were missing from your time.The board will assess your responses, and we will do our best to integrate all opinions in a formal report that will be discussed at a general meeting in the near future. Also, if their are any other experiences from your experience with the BSU in general, or advice to future U members that you wish to share as part of organizational memory, feel free to share these as well.

All responses can be sent to with the subject line “BSU Institutional Memory”.

One Love,
Don S. Polite Jr ’13


Black History Month Programming

Black History Month Programming