About Us

In recognition:
  1. that group solidarity and consciousness are important for the improvement of all peoples of African ancestry;
  2. that there is a need to create a foundation on which people of African ancestry can create and sustain traditions unique to them; and
  3. that Williams College and other institutions have historically been inadequate in addressing the cultural, political, and social needs of people of African ancestry,

We, the students of African ancestry at Williams, find the need for the establishment and preservation of a Black Student Union.

Our purpose is twofold:

  • To support students of African ancestry socially, emotionally and academically by providing funds and a space for culturally relevant events and by being a voice through which students can articulate concerns regarding not only the curriculum and the general administration of the College, but also concerns regarding local events and issues, thereby enabling students to excel in the classroom despite financial and emotional obstacles.
  • To foster a political atmosphere through discussion and guest speakers, active involvement in campus and worldwide politics, and networking with like-minded students and organizations at other institutions, in order to engage students and encourage them to become more active in the global effort to improve the lot of all people of African ancestry and otherwise.

To read our constitution: http://mcc.williams.edu/group-info/mission/bsu-contsitution/

One response to “About Us

  1. They are intimidated by your presence. Continue to educate yourselves, some peoples lack of comfort is a beautiful sign.
    God Bless,
    In Solidarity from UC Davis (BSU)

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