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What Do You Make Of This?-Final Post From Me…

Yea, I’m retired, but I figured I’d share anyway. Came across this on my facebook newsfeed and I thought I’d share. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Hit me up on facebook.

This will also be my last blog post. It has been a pleasure posting on this blog. It has been real Williams College. I’m sure you’ll continue to thrive as the years pass.

A few parting words though. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to build a community, or even a family. The truth is, there is no perfect way to do so. If one had been discovered, divorce would be an irrelevant term and wars would not exist. People are too different and with difference comes conflict. So, why bother trying to build such things since we all wont be able to get along?

Looking back on the last 4 years I’ve spent at Williams, and this video clip, a community is never something that can be expected, regardless of racial, gender, political, or socioeconomic identification. Our experiences dictate a large chunk of our personalities and our experiences are becoming increasingly more diverse and equally as unpredictable as anticipating someone’s racial background. And yet we still seek one out that makes us feel comfortable and, more often than not, we expect to find that within our own groups. There en lies our conundrum. We want something to make us feel comfortable, but that something is getting harder and harder to find. How do we find this illusive “White Whale” despite the seas become more and more difficult to navigate?

The point is, we try to form communities and families because we know that, despite the obstacles, hardships, and differences, there is something we stand to gain by being in harmony with our fellow woman and man. Arguments are to be expected, but the timing of their arrival can never be anticipated. We press on knowing they will arise because we know there exists the potential for growth, kinship, and love. However, these are not things that are handed to you. They are built through the sweat, tears, and emotional efforts of those who struggle to make a vision a reality and they are maintain by those with the heart and passion to see such a reality endure despite the disagreements and arguments communities and families are expected to have. (To anyone with a sibling or friend cherished like a sibling, have you ever gotten into an argument with said sibling or friend?)

So, my answer to my Moby Dick referenced question is as such: Keep Trying. When the path seems unclear, maybe its time to chart your own path and design a new map. But, there are very few people who can say that they’ve accomplished their goals and brought their dreams to fruition by doing absolutely nothing to make it happen. If  you would like to see a community or build a family, it starts in the mirror. Like a sand castle at the beach, the tools build a community exist all around you, waiting to be built. You need only find the tools to construct and the drive to build.

But anywho, I guess that’s just my perspective. I spent 4 years at Williams College looking for and trying to build a community. I’d say I managed to find one for myself, but there were, and always will be, things that could have been done better.

With all that said, good luck to the newly (but not recently) appointed Williams College Black Student Union board. I hope you do great things in the coming year and manage to find your respective “White Whales.”

Deuces!! 2012: Over and Out!!

Trayvon Martin Presentation: May 3rd, @ 5:30 PM-Griffin 4

This Thursday, May 3rd @ 5:30pm in Griffin 4 Professor David Canton, Connecticut College, examines the American reaction to the Trayvon Martin case.

Click the link below to see the flyer for this event.

Trayvon Martin Flyer

Coming Full Circle… Yes, We’re Still Protesting This Shit…

In the wake of yet another hateful event that has taken place at my school, I have felt the need to add my 2 cents. This time I was not the direct target of this act, as a pompous prick thought it was appropriate to scratch the word “fag” into the door of a fellow Eph and I do not identify as Queer. I must admit that my heart hurts much less than it did in November. At first I was dismayed and I was trying to figure out why I did not feel so sorrowful.

Was it because I can’t completely relate to what happened?

Was it because it actually doesn’t matter to me?

No… I now realize that my heart hurts less because when I was brought down to the lowest of lowest, left to drown in a sea of despair because some asshole wanted to write “ALL NIGGERS MUST DIE” in the bathroom of a student dorm, I was saved by the love, affection, and displays of support of my Williams College Community.

I feel that I need to repeat that… MY WILLIAMS COLLEGE COMMUNITY.

I, personally, am sick and tired of questioning my right to be a Williams Student. I am tired of questioning my existence. I am tired of having to be a spokes person for minorities. I am tired of having to explain to people why I am passionate about the Black Student Union. I am tired of having to explain to people that I am a member of the Black Student Union and happy at Williams, as if the two were such foreign concepts. And lastly, I am sick and tired of watching people who have given of their time and themselves to create a beautiful Williams College Community, some through extra effort and some through their mere presence alone, to have it all seemingly undone by the ignorance of one person.

So, as the names and faces of so many people pass by in my mind right now… of the many beautiful and truly wonderful people it has been my pleasure to meet as an Eph… I want you to know… we DESERVE to be HERE. This is OUR school and the actions of one, two, twenty, or two-thousand ignorant people will not change that fact.

As for the title of this post, reading the email sent by President Falk today made me think of the title someone used for the first post on this BSU Blog, which I see as fitting as it helps me to understand the way I currently feel.

To all the friends buzzing around in my mind and heart right now. “YES, WE’RE STILL PROTESTING THIS SHIT” and the fact is that we always will be protesting this shit. Whether in our minds, in our hearts, in our actions, or in our existence, we will continue to protest this shit and it all starts by explicitly claiming the things that have always been ours: our humanity and identity.

I hope this sheds some light on how I feel right now

In solidarity…

Song of the Day: A Woman’s Worth – Alicia Keys

This is just a classic song with a positive message. Off of her debut album, Songs In A Minor, “A Woman’s Worth” is one of the first songs I ever heard by Alicia Keys.


In my opinion, it severed as the counter to the various sexist, male chauvinistic dynamics that ran rampant in hip-hop culture. Furthermore, the video itself provides commentary of the dynamics that exist with “Black” culture in the United States. Thinking about all of the women that I value in my life, I feel that this song helped to educate me on how to treat a woman. With all of the different spheres of the world in which female authority is constantly undercut, both in a social and professional sense, this song serves as a reminder that men and women should treat each other with a certain level of respect and compassion.

To all the ladies who are frustrated with men issues, remember what you are worth. To all the gentlemen who know how to treat a lady, keep doing what you’re doing (but always remember there is more to learn). And to all the guys who don’t know how to treat a lady… take notes.