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Habits of the Poor

This post was inspired by an article I found online. The author of the article did not seem to be writing this piece from a derogatory point of view. Instead, it seems to be a funny poke at the habits that formerly poor individuals keep after rising out of poverty.The points made in the article are some that I can relate to. Many people growing up without sizable incomes do bargain shop or ration. Its part of the lifestyle and its nothing to be ashamed of.  Also, in relating to the material in the article, I was able to laugh and reminisce about some of the activities explained here. Although some may get caught up in the comedy aspect of the article, I do believe that one of the bigger points to take away is the idea of moving between classes.

Many seem to believe that those going from the top to the bottom of the class ladder seem to struggle more. This piece points to the fact that those moving in the opposite direction also face their own struggles, whether they be financially, socially, and/or psychologically related. The article does not offer any suggestions, but I think that it would be particularly helpful if there was supplemental information written about why certain people have a new sense of guilt after gaining more disposable income. If it was earned truthfully, why do individuals refer back to old habits? All together, this was definitely a fun read. I hope you guys enjoy it also!