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Song of the Day: A Woman’s Worth – Alicia Keys

This is just a classic song with a positive message. Off of her debut album, Songs In A Minor, “A Woman’s Worth” is one of the first songs I ever heard by Alicia Keys.


In my opinion, it severed as the counter to the various sexist, male chauvinistic dynamics that ran rampant in hip-hop culture. Furthermore, the video itself provides commentary of the dynamics that exist with “Black” culture in the United States. Thinking about all of the women that I value in my life, I feel that this song helped to educate me on how to treat a woman. With all of the different spheres of the world in which female authority is constantly undercut, both in a social and professional sense, this song serves as a reminder that men and women should treat each other with a certain level of respect and compassion.

To all the ladies who are frustrated with men issues, remember what you are worth. To all the gentlemen who know how to treat a lady, keep doing what you’re doing (but always remember there is more to learn). And to all the guys who don’t know how to treat a lady… take notes.

Song of the Day: All Black Everything-Lupe Fiasco

When Lupe Fiasco dropped his most recent album, Lasers, I must admit I was not as impressed as I would have like to have been. However, I did like this song, “All Black Everything,” a lot. There were a number of names and terms thrown around that I had heard recently in a lot of my classes, so I felt very intelligent.

However, I got into a debate with a friend of mine who just wasn’t feeling it. She contended that song was too inaccurate for her to take it seriously, specifically Lupe’s assertion in the hook that, were it not for imperialism, slavery wouldn’t have existed in Africa. She pointed out to me that slavery had existed everywhere, including Africa, prior to European imperialism and the Triangular Slave Trade. These were all point I couldn’t deny, but I still loved the song.

Personally, I felt that Lupe was playing off of cultural norms, stereotypes and expectations, while also trying to describe his idealized world.  So I post this song and ask this question. What does your dream world look like?

Song of the Day: Boobie Miles – Big K.R.I.T.

There are some artist out of the South I truly respect. Big K.R.I.T. is definitely one of them. 9 times out of 10, I criticize people for listening to the instrumental of a song instead of the lyrics. However, I will admit my hypocrisy on this one. The instrumental is definitely the first thing that drew my attention to this one. This is one of the songs off of his new mixtape, 4eva and a Day.

I also must admit that I greatly appreciate the album cover. In a way, it encapsulates the soulful, rhythmic vibe of the blues in it’s color scheme (which resonated with several of the instrumentals), as well as a the chasm we often straddle between purity and pleasure (note the bible and church on the left side of the cover split juxtaposed to the strip club and bottle of liquor on the right side). Yea, I’m a Big K.R.I.T. fan. Hope you enjoy.

Song of The Day: BlackStar – Thieves in the Night

Found myself flipping through my I-Pod on shuffle today and I came across this old gem from none other than BlackStar (Mighty Mos Def and Talib Kweli). “Thieves in the Night” is a track off of their 1998 album, Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star.


The lyrics are pretty deep and the instrumental is pretty mellow. Hope you enjoy. ^.^