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Issues That Unite Black and Latin@ Communities

In preparation for future events and discussion, I wanted to do a semester long personal project on the relationship between Blacks and Latinos/as. Many students our age can name some of the similarities that exist between Blacks and Latinos/as living in the United States. For instance, individuals from both groups love some of the same types of dancing, music and, food. With so many basic similarities, it may appear on the surface that the two groups would get along in most scenarios. Furthermore, many also believe that the similarities make it easier for the two groups to sympathize for the other’s cause. Along with group sympathy, intergroup unity is also important when considering how groups can work together to combat disparities within their communities.

Today, the issue of interest is racism within the United States. Racism today is more sophisticated and convulted than ever before. In some cases, it is harder to outright identify racism and various forms of racially motivated discrimination. Although it may be harder to identify, members from Black and Latin@ communities both agree that racism is an issue that plagues their communities and the opportunities that can actively seek for themselves. Take a look at the article below for more information on how Blacks and Latinos/as perceived racism in America.